Vitaliy Skakun - founder and conductor of Poltava Symphony Orchestra

Date of birth: 1950.

V. Skakun is a well-known and well-experienced conductor.

From 1979 till 1990, he had worked as a conductor in different orchestras of Kyiv. For example, National Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments of Ukraine and so on.

Since 1991, works as tjhe main conductor in the Poltava Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater

He put a lot of effort and enthusiasm into the establishment of the Poltava Symphony Orchestra.

He is also the member of National Union of Composers of Ukraine.

He also wrote his own music for the following dramas: 

  • "Eneida" by I. Kotlyarevskiy;
  • "A night before Christmas"
  • "Sorotchinskiy yarmarok" by N.Gogol.
  • And varieties of romances in cooperation with the well-known ukrainian poets.

V. Skakun has got numerous national awards in music.

Under his conducting, the Poltava Symphony Orchestra does tours nationwide, as well as tours abroad.

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